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Terra Nova was set up in October 2017. Our purpose is to re-write how Land Management is delivered, to pass on the benefits of technology to our clients and to engage with, rather than delegate, our responsibilities.

How we are different…

Make the most of opportunities in the rural economy
  • We use paperless filing so we are not paying for floor space to stack up files. The filing is far more secure and less susceptible to damage. We use Two Step Authentication and Keeper to ensure the risk of hacking is practically nil.
  • We have one office with hot desks and kit out our team’s houses as satellite home office hubs. This reduces overheads, improves life-work balance and allows our team to be at the end of the phone/email wherever they are. Because we are paperless, all our files are available to our team at home, in the office, with our clients or on the hoof.
  • We are based in Thorverton – a rural village in Mid Devon. Our ethos: to practice what we preach. This meant we shunned the opportunity to centre our operations in a city centre. We are, after all, advising clients on how to make the most of opportunities in the rural economy. We are keen to show it can be done.
  • We never take on too much and we always ensure we can service our client base fully and with their best interests at the fore.
  • We are truly independent. We do not cross-sell services. We are not incentivised to use one professional over another. Those we introduce to our clients, we do so on the basis of their pedigree and calibre. Simple.
  • We take a unique approach to our services, how they are costed and how long they are needed. We have deliberately managed ourselves out of positions with clients where the job could be done by someone else at less cost without sacrificing quality.

Why we are different…

Our purpose is to re-write how Land Management is delivered

Having worked at a national firm since 2006, as a partner in both Salisbury and Exeter, Sholto realised fundamental improvements were needed in the Land Management offerings from big business.

Almost without exception, professional services appeared unable to approach things intuitively, lacked the appetite to pass on value to clients and suffered from an increasing lack of engagement by distancing themselves from risk. They were crippled by the legacy of having been born in an age before IT and grown in bull years as a result of it. Others, established as spin-offs, were set up in their image and inadvertently inherited their weaknesses. The efficiencies which technology offered were adopted by these businesses, but the benefits were absorbed by them. Rather than improve efficiency for the client, they took on more clients and kept their value-base the same. Hence the marble office lobbies and grandiose traits which line the halls of Mayfair.

The irony of passing through a technology revolution without the client seeing any of the benefits of that efficiency was stark.

Land Management, in particular, seemed to be losing grip on the value of experience and how that was passed on to the client. The overheads drove down margins, which drove up costs to the client. The irony of passing through a technology revolution without the client seeing any of the benefits of that efficiency was stark.

Terra Nova was established in 2017 to rectify that.


If you would like to look at something other than the same old, same old….if you would like to see what else there is out there….if you think there must be a way of coupling the traditional qualities of Land Management with a modern approach to match the times we live in, do get in touch.


Hear what our clients have to say...

Terra Nova makes it so simple. My property portfolio is run efficiently and diligently with high attention to the important details. Unlike other industry incumbents, Terra Nova is proactive rather than reactive, anticipating changes in legislation and the needs to the client well in advance. This gives tremendous peace of mind, which is especially important in this turbulent post-Brexit climate. My only regret – I did not use them sooner


RC – Cornwall

I think I am right in stating that our estate was the first Terra Nova client? Why did we trust a new firm with our Estate? We believed that Sholto and his emerging team wanted to manage estates differently from the incumbents and were passionate about it.
Starting from that premise, the firm has delivered on a thoughtful, intimate management of the estate with a service which has sustained it objectives as it has grown in resource. The team has a deep knowledge of estate management with an easy, improved service which waste neither time or resources. When we bought the estate we had big plans but no idea how to make them a reality. Today 2 new businesses have been established and are thriving and the shoot is unrecognisable from what existed prior. Honestly this would not have been achievable without Terra Nova, who have made these a reality
Since we contracted with the firm, I am very pleased to see them go from strength to strength. They are “pulling” estate management into the 21st century and no longer relying on practices often developed from earlier centuries


JG - Wiltshire

Lower Pertwood Farm is a 2,600 acre organic farm in Wiltshire. Being organic means that we have to think out of the box and follow very few of the processes which a conventional farm would normally go through as the seasons unfold. Bearing in mind our unique circumstances and our very holistic approach to farming with nature, we engaged with Terra Nova to advise us in a number of areas. We chose them for the following reasons:
1)They are essentially entrepreneurial by instinct which resonates well with us.
2) They see nature and the nurturing of the natural environment as being a priority that needs to be addressed in all their interactions with the agricultural and land owning community.
We have known the founder, Sholto Moger, for 8-years and he has assisted us in a wide variety of interesting situations ranging from negotiating with a public utility to install a major water reservoir on our farm right through to dealing with troublesome neighbours over boundary issues. These are but a few examples of the type of work that Sholto and his team have carried out on our behalf.
We highly recommend them


WM – Wiltshire

I introduced Sholto to a client of mine who had recently bought a large country Estate in Wiltshire and wanted an Agent to manage it for him who was both professional and had the imagination to share his vision for the future of the Estate. I had no hesitation recommending Sholto.
I knew he would fit the bill perfectly. Ten years on, they have achieved a huge amount together and transformed the Estate.


CE – Hampshire

Sarah and her team worked really hard on our behalf and we were delighted with the outcome after protracted negotiations. We felt their expertise and professional approach in the specialist field gave them the lead over other consultancies and we would be confident in using their services again.


CK, North Cornwall

I have worked closely with Sholto Moger of Terra Nova Land Management over the last 8 years on a number of woodland estates and projects. In every case I have found the company approach to client care and land management extremely professional with the whole team showing an exceptional attention to detail.

From creating bespoke ‘instant’ game shooting woodland to establishment of truffle plantations, TNLM have demonstrated a breadth of knowledge and experience coupled with an innate ability to tackle problems head on and focus on the solutions.

Most importantly, it is evident that TNLM approach everything they undertake with a true sense of perspective along with high ethical and business values.


SM - Tunbridge Wells

We have been with Terra Nova Land Management for over a year and all members of the team continue to impress.

Terra Nova’s approach to landlord/ tenant issues is proactive, and repairs and maintenance issues in our property portfolio are consistently fielded quickly and efficiently with meticulous attention to detail.

No less important, the competitive and tailored pricing structure is the best in the market. A much-needed breath of fresh air.


CJ - Cornwall


Our ethos: to practice what we preach.

Terra Nova Land Management Limited is a limited company and is registered under the Companies Act 2006
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our registered office.

Terra Nova Land Management Ltd adhere to the current Data Protection Laws. For more information or to
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