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We frequently undertake full assessments and reviews of Estate Strategy and Structure. This may include establishment of an Estate Strategy, drafting a Strategy document, implementing a Strategy across the Estate or by enterprise. Our work ranges from committing ambitions to paper, through to implementing change and direction.

We are strongly of the belief that a coherent Strategy dramatically improves the effectiveness of management on an Estate. It helps to establish priorities, spending forecasts and future opportunities. It can give structure to the advisers and to Estate teams and, in some cases, can improve the footing for a Landlord’s relationship with the Tenants.

Though there are many theories on business strategy espoused by the HBR, TED and business leaders the world over, we recognise that each Estate Owner, Board of Trustees, Directors or Beneficiary will have a unique and distinct approach. At Terra Nova, we take that back to the very basic principles of their Ownership and work through how that is interpreted and then how to deliver on that interpretation. It can take time and moments of reflection for all, but it is always worth it.

If you would like to discuss Estate Strategy and Structure in more detail, please contact ENABLE JAVASCRIPT

Land Management

We operate the full management of rural estates stretching across the south and west of England. Our highly experienced and focussed team works closely with clients which can range from individuals and families to off-shore trustees and everything in between. Our starting position is transparency and value. We don’t offer a one-stop shop for property, because we are truly independent and focussed, unlike any of our competitors. That means we form close relationships with our clients, make sure we understand what they want, what they need and then work with them to achieve that. We often find that Estates don’t actually need a blanket service indefinitely and we have worked, on occasion, to manage ourselves out of a full service to a retained strategic role. That is what it means to put the client first and we are proud of that.

Commercial Property Management

We have a specific experience in managing individual commercial properties as part of whole rural estates. This will include negotiating Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 leases, Heads of Terms, Rent Reviews and repair and maintenance obligations. Our specialism is in ensuring our clients’ aspirations are met in full without undue cost. We cultivate proper working relationships with tenants and contractors to ensure we get the most out of the portfolio. Our bespoke and purpose-built Terrier System means that we can act quickly and transparently and never miss a beat in the management of units.

Landlord and Tenant matters

At Terra Nova, we deal with all manner of Landlord and Tenant matters on a routine basis. This can be extremely varied and our combined experience allows us to advise with perspective. We have specific experience in the following:

  • Estate resources and employment
  • Agricultural Leases and Licences
  • Agricultural Rent Reviews, including Arbitrations and Appeals
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Residential Leases and Licences
  • Compliance and EPCs
  • Residential Rent Reviews
  • End of Tenancy procedures
  • Boundary disputes
  • Surrenders
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Termination and Eviction procedures
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Environmental and Waste Legislation
  • Utilities and Compulsory Purchase
  • Improvements
  • Sporting agreements
  • Grants
  • Insurance

Major Infrastructure Strategy and Negotiation

At Terra Nova, we operate a professionally unique service in acting for Landowners who have been or are threatened by Major Infrastructure Development. Our experience stretches back to 2010 and covers a broad portfolio of projects and geography, including:

  • Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station
  • Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station
  • Moorside Nuclear Power Station
  • Summerslade Down Reservoir
  • Hunterston HVDC Link
  • Bristol Port Redevelopment

Environmental Schemes

There is rarely a week that goes by without media commentary on the environment taking on more of a central role in the public conscious and governmental policy. We believe that the importance of the environment in Land Management cannot be overstated and we work with a number of clients who have brought an environmental approach into practice, with fantastic results. We truly believe that an approach to Land Management, with environmental consideration as one of the core tenets, is becoming increasingly important. We offer a holistic view of client’s assets. Whatever your environmental priorities are, we will be able to advise or put you in touch with a specialist in that field.

Importantly, as the subsidy and grant world undergoes diametric shifts, we are able to advise on the best strategy to approach the schemes. We engage with the relevant bodies to ensure the ongoing management of schemes best suits the objectives of the client and negotiate what we can, where we can. It is not always a straight forward matter of taking what is on offer. The schemes which are being written are often blunt instruments and a sensitive approach which starts with the objectives of the client and, from there, works through appropriate opportunities and advisers often delivers a better, more valuable result.


Hear what our clients have to say...

Terra Nova makes it so simple. My property portfolio is run efficiently and diligently with high attention to the important details. Unlike other industry incumbents, Terra Nova is proactive rather than reactive, anticipating changes in legislation and the needs to the client well in advance. This gives tremendous peace of mind, which is especially important in this turbulent post-Brexit climate. My only regret – I did not use them sooner


RC – Cornwall

I think I am right in stating that our estate was the first Terra Nova client? Why did we trust a new firm with our Estate? We believed that Sholto and his emerging team wanted to manage estates differently from the incumbents and were passionate about it.
Starting from that premise, the firm has delivered on a thoughtful, intimate management of the estate with a service which has sustained it objectives as it has grown in resource. The team has a deep knowledge of estate management with an easy, improved service which waste neither time or resources. When we bought the estate we had big plans but no idea how to make them a reality. Today 2 new businesses have been established and are thriving and the shoot is unrecognisable from what existed prior. Honestly this would not have been achievable without Terra Nova, who have made these a reality
Since we contracted with the firm, I am very pleased to see them go from strength to strength. They are “pulling” estate management into the 21st century and no longer relying on practices often developed from earlier centuries


JG - Wiltshire

Lower Pertwood Farm is a 2,600 acre organic farm in Wiltshire. Being organic means that we have to think out of the box and follow very few of the processes which a conventional farm would normally go through as the seasons unfold. Bearing in mind our unique circumstances and our very holistic approach to farming with nature, we engaged with Terra Nova to advise us in a number of areas. We chose them for the following reasons:
1)They are essentially entrepreneurial by instinct which resonates well with us.
2) They see nature and the nurturing of the natural environment as being a priority that needs to be addressed in all their interactions with the agricultural and land owning community.
We have known the founder, Sholto Moger, for 8-years and he has assisted us in a wide variety of interesting situations ranging from negotiating with a public utility to install a major water reservoir on our farm right through to dealing with troublesome neighbours over boundary issues. These are but a few examples of the type of work that Sholto and his team have carried out on our behalf.
We highly recommend them


WM – Wiltshire

I introduced Sholto to a client of mine who had recently bought a large country Estate in Wiltshire and wanted an Agent to manage it for him who was both professional and had the imagination to share his vision for the future of the Estate. I had no hesitation recommending Sholto.
I knew he would fit the bill perfectly. Ten years on, they have achieved a huge amount together and transformed the Estate.


CE – Hampshire

Sarah and her team worked really hard on our behalf and we were delighted with the outcome after protracted negotiations. We felt their expertise and professional approach in the specialist field gave them the lead over other consultancies and we would be confident in using their services again.


CK, North Cornwall

I have worked closely with Sholto Moger of Terra Nova Land Management over the last 8 years on a number of woodland estates and projects. In every case I have found the company approach to client care and land management extremely professional with the whole team showing an exceptional attention to detail.

From creating bespoke ‘instant’ game shooting woodland to establishment of truffle plantations, TNLM have demonstrated a breadth of knowledge and experience coupled with an innate ability to tackle problems head on and focus on the solutions.

Most importantly, it is evident that TNLM approach everything they undertake with a true sense of perspective along with high ethical and business values.


SM - Tunbridge Wells

We have been with Terra Nova Land Management for over a year and all members of the team continue to impress.

Terra Nova’s approach to landlord/ tenant issues is proactive, and repairs and maintenance issues in our property portfolio are consistently fielded quickly and efficiently with meticulous attention to detail.

No less important, the competitive and tailored pricing structure is the best in the market. A much-needed breath of fresh air.


CJ - Cornwall


Our purpose is to re-write how Land Management is delivered.

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